5 Best Essay Writing Service Sites (2021)

Adam Huler
15 min readMar 31, 2021

Essay writing services are a great way for students and other professionals to access professionally ghost-written articles, theses, and academic papers. Essay writing services use a stable of proven ghostwriters from various disciplines with the research background necessary to put together excellent white papers.

Picking a good essay writing service is crucial to getting a good grade and keeping your essay purchase discreet. Read on to learn more about essay writing services and the five best essay writing services you can use.

What Is An Essay Writing Service?

Essay writing services are businesses that usually operate online and are designed to provide writers for hire. These writers are then instructed to write papers on different topics according to the needs of the customer. There are many reasons why a student or other client may choose to use an essay writing service, such as the following:

  • Excess work: Especially for students attempting heavy academic workloads or trying to balance schoolwork with a part-time job, essay writing services can provide some much-needed breathing room.
  • Convenience: Essay writing services are a good way for students to get quick access to a professional-grade paper even if they have a deadline that would prevent them from being able to finish the piece themselves. Essay writing services provide a stress-free way to handle looming paper deadlines.
  • Language barrier: Students studying in a second language can often get unfairly graded for their inability to write fluently in their second language despite a general understanding of the class concepts. Essay writing services can help international students stay in step with their native classmates.
  • Learning disability: Some learning disabilities such as dyslexia or pathological demand avoidance can make essay writing difficult for students. Essay writing services provide a way for these students to keep up in writing courses even without additional accommodations from teachers.
  • Editorial work: Some students may prefer to write their own academic papers but still need a professional editor to look over their work and make sure the paper is strong enough to receive a good grade. Essay writing services can help the student maximize their scores while also maintaining academic integrity.

Some students have a difficult time writing papers, and this can hurt their grades or even cut their academic career short if they can’t do well enough in writing to pass their classes. This is where professional essay writers can come in handy.

5 Best Essay Writing Service Sites

When you choose an essay writing service, it’s important to be picky about which service you use. Choosing an essay writing service without a strong reputation or protections built-in for its clients can leave essay buyers open to getting caught by academic officials. This can lead to grade loss or even expulsion, depending on where the essay was submitted.

Below you’ll find five of the best essay writing services on the market. These services have plenty to offer for potential clients and a track record of strong submitted papers.

Huler 1996

Huler 1996 is an essay writing service that was started by the writer Adam Huler. This US-based academic writing agency advertises itself as “the most trusted essay writing service on Reddit.” Huler 1996 has served over 1,500 college scholars worldwide for over nine years and features a roster of freelance writers with decades of collective experience.

To use this writing service, clients place an order for their paper and specify the following criteria:

  • Required academic level
  • Number of pages needed
  • Required format and citation style
  • Required number of sources
  • Topic (optional; essay writers can also choose the topic at the client’s request)

After choosing the necessary options, the client pre-pays for a paper of the required length using PayPal. PayPal provides a stable, secure, encrypted third-party payment system to keep all financial transactions on the level. Once the payment is approved, the client is assigned a writer with the necessary skill set to take on their paper assignment.

Huler 1996 offers original papers, but another benefit of this particular essay writing service is that they also guarantee originality. Submitting original work that hasn’t been stored or published elsewhere on the Internet is one of the key factors in using an essay writing service without being caught by academic authorities.

Before the completed essay is returned to the client, it is subjected to extensive editing and proofreading from Huler 1996’s editorial team. This is the point that the paper is also checked against plagiarism checkers to ensure that it will pass subsequent plagiarism checks once submitted.

Crowned Pro Writers

Crowned Pro Writers is another essay writing service with a track record of satisfied customers. Submitting a paper request to Crowned Pro is as simple as choosing your paper criteria and getting matched up with a writer specializing in your field of study.

The Crowned Pro Writers system allows clients to upload additional materials to aid their writer in formulating a customized paper for their client, including source material and previously submitted outlines. This system allows both the writer and the client to remain on the same page throughout the writing process.

Here are some of the other benefits of using Crowned Pro Writers:

  • Anonymity: Crowned Pro Writer’s anonymous submissions system means that there’s no way for your submitted paper to be tracked back to any outside source, and the one-of-a-kind paper will not show up elsewhere in scholastic plagiarism checks. This writing agency understands that its success is dependent on its client privacy.
  • Affordable service: Since Crowned Pro Writers is geared at college students usually operating on a tight budget, the services provided by this academic writing agency are an economical way to get a paper completed. Essay writing services can be afforded by most students as long as they plan for the expense.
  • Versatility: Crowned Pro Writers has hundreds of writers familiar with hundreds of fields of knowledge. No matter what subject you’re trying to write a paper for, there’s a great chance that Crowned Pro Writers has a writer that will be a good match to produce it. This capability is great for students who need academic papers in obscure subjects.

If you’re looking for a writing service with a dependable turn-around time and knowledgable staff, look no further than Crowned Pro.


GradeAcers is an academic writing agency that has served over 19,000 clients since it was founded. This organization allows clients several ways to match up with the best writer for their assignment, including features like requesting writing samples of prospective writers and multi-part delivery.

These are just a few of the other features offered by the writers at GradeAcers:

  • Unlimited revisions: GradeAcers allows for unlimited revisions between the client and writer to ensure that their customers end up with an impressive final product. This process also helps increase clear communications between the client and their assigned writer.
  • 24/7 customer support: GradeAcers offers customer service representatives twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. No matter where in the world you’re trying to get a paper turned in, someone from the agency is available to get any issues you have straightened out in time to meet your deadline.
  • Money-back guarantee: This academic writing agency offers a money-back guarantee for their work. If you get a paper that gets flagged for plagiarism or doesn’t produce a satisfactory grade, you’ll be able to get a refund.
  • Source copies: For an additional fee, the writers at GradeAcers can produce copies of their chosen source material so that the client has access to all of the same research used in the paper’s construction.

GradeAcers employs over five hundred qualified freelance writers capable of meeting almost any academic writing need. Check out the customer reviews on their website to get a better idea of what this essay writing service can do for you.


With over a million completed orders and over five thousand employed freelance writers, StudyZillas is an essay writing service with the track record to back up its reputation for quality and value.

Here are some of the features offered by StudyZillas for their prospective clients:

  • Research paper writing: Research papers are long, involved projects that often involve multiple factors such as citations, source materials, and graded outlines. Working with a writer at StudyZillas allows the client to mesh with their matched writer from the beginning of the paper to the end. This helps ensure all their ideas get across well.
  • Academic calculations: StudyZillas doesn’t just handle academic writing. This writing service also has writers on staff capable of composing mathematical equations and calculations. This helps give much-needed support to scientific writers and students.
  • Scientific writing: Along with writing papers for liberal arts subjects such as literature or history, the writers at StudyZillas are also capable of tackling more technical academic writing assignments. A large number of writers on staff is a guarantee that there will be a good match for just about any writing assignment submitted.

There are tons of professionals and students in the world who are great in their chosen field but don’t have a natural aptitude for writing composition. Academic writing agencies like StuyZillas can help students and professionals get their ideas across in a way that is persuasive and guaranteed to generate a good grade.


EssayTubi is an essay writing service that is capable of writing academic papers from the high school level up to Ph.D. level dissertations. This makes it a versatile agency that is capable of providing good results for many types of students.

One advantage of EssayTubi is that this writing service offers a fifteen percent discount on your first purchased essay. This makes it an economical choice for broke college students skeptical of essay writing services that still want to invest in them to see if they’re worth the trouble.

Here are some other features of the EssayTubi essay writing service:

  • Price calculator: The price calculator at the EssayTubi website allows you to figure out exactly how much your paper will cost before you commit to any down payments for the assignment.
  • Privacy policy: EssayTubi stores all client information on an encrypted database and uses reliable third-party banking systems (PayPal). This policy guarantees that clients can receive their finished papers discreetly and their financial information says safe in the process.
  • Overnight delivery: For a premium fee, EssayTubi provides a twenty-four-hour turn-around on rush submissions. This makes it a great service in case your computer gets damaged with your paper trapped on it, or to turn in a paper that you forgot about writing until the last moment.

With over fifteen thousand satisfied customers, EssayTubi is a great option for any student or professional who wants to try an essay writing service for the first time. Their record of generating top-notch content also means that they’re an essay writing service you can reliably turn to again and again.

Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

Getting an essay produced through an academic essay writing service is legal. These businesses are registered and operate under existing laws.

However, presenting another person’s work as your own is classified as plagiarism under most academic conduct codes, which means that getting caught using an essay writing service can lead to academic disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

This is why it’s important for students who plan to use an essay writing service to choose a service with a reputation for security and quality. Here are some of the features to look for to pick an essay writing service that will produce the best results:

  • Revisions: A revisions system in an essay writing service allows a client to keep a rapport going with their assigned writer over the course of the assignment. This allows them to make adjustments to the paper on the fly and ensure that all necessary points are included to make the paper an academic success.
  • Plagiarism checks: Reputable essay writing services will conduct plagiarism checks to make sure that the freelance writers do not use any pre-published material from the Internet that may flag during an academic plagiarism check after the paper is submitted for grading.
  • Proofreading: The best essay writing services not only offer to generate written copy for an academic paper, they will also provide basic proofreading services to ensure that there are no spelling errors or other typos that might negatively affect the final grade on the paper.
  • Supplementary materials: Many essay writing services allow the client to submit additional materials to help the writer produce a finished paper, such as preferred citations, source material, or notes and outlines. Using these materials can help the writer more easily write an essay that represents the student’s thoughts accurately.

The better your submitted essay is, the less chance there is that the paper will be flagged as anything less than your own authentic work. That makes it crucial to choose a writer and a writing service that can be depended on to deliver the goods accurately and on time.

Is Using an Essay Writing Service Legal?

The operation of essay writing services is legal, but claiming intellectual property that isn’t your own at the college level is considered a misdemeanor crime. While this means that plagiarism can technically be pursued at the criminal level, this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Most university officials do not want to place criminal charges against their own students. This means that in most cases, using an essay writing service (known in academic circles as “contract cheating”) is more likely to result in academic punishment, such as a lowered grade, class failure, or expulsion.

Will I Get Caught if I Buy an Essay?

One of the major concerns that students and professionals have when it comes to employing an essay writing service is how likely it is they’ll get caught doing it. For many people, getting caught submitting a paper that isn’t their own may not hold legal consequences, but it can have negative academic and professional repercussions.

The good news is that using a legitimate essay writing service provides a client with a plagiarism-free, completely original academic work that doesn’t exist in any other form on public networks. This means that there is no way to prove that the paper was not generated by the person submitting it for academic or professional approval.

Most students who get caught with purchased academic papers purchased their papers from an essay mill online with an insecure database.

With sophisticated software, anti-cheating programs can use algorithms, data forensics, and linguistic forensics to investigate the true source of a paper. The only way to reliably circumvent these programs is to purchase original work.

Does Buying an Essay Work?

Buying an essay is safe and legitimate if you purchase an academic paper to be commissioned through a professional essay writing service. However, buying pre-written essays from online databases can leave clients vulnerable to accusations of plagiarism.

Even if you employ an essay writing service that promises to check the paper for plagiarism before returning the finished product, it’s still a good idea to proofread and check the paper for plagiarism yourself after receiving it. This will help you catch any red flags that might pop up before the paper is officially submitted, just in case the essay writing service missed something.

As to whether hiring essay writers work, the statistics speak for themselves. According to recent research, up to 16% of college students employ essay writing services at one point or another during their college careers, and that number is rising every year. (Source: NPR)

However, as essay writing services get more popular, so does the technology that universities and colleges use to try and combat them. Purchasing an original paper through an encrypted, reputable academic writing agency is the only way to guarantee that the work won’t get flagged by academic authorities as contract cheating.

Advantages of Using an Essay Writing Service

With the risk of getting caught, why do almost one in five students use an essay writing service? The reason is that these services offer tons of advantages to students of all kinds. Here are some of the benefits that you can receive from hiring an essay writing service:

  • Better grades: For students who find themselves struggling in certain topics, employing an essay writing service can make sure they keep their GPA up even if they don’t have any natural talent in the subject. For students who have a firm knowledge of the subject matter but don’t write well, college essay requirements can destroy their grade average.
  • More free time: Using essay writing services leaves students free to pursue hobbies, social activities, or more difficult classes. This allows students to have a better handle on managing their workloads, even if they are taking a full schedule of classes.
  • Reduced pressure and stress: Outsourcing academic papers to essay writing services can take a lot of the pressure and stress off college students who find paper writing difficult or didn’t get a good foundation in writing in high school. Since college is already a high-pressure environment, this is great for a student’s mental health.
  • Quick delivery: The ability to get a finished paper out of an essay writing service in less than twenty-four hours is a godsend for students who forgot about a paper that was due or had some kind of technology failure that destroyed their previous work. In many cases, an essay writing service can replace the paper faster than the student could.
  • Academic support: An essay writing service doesn’t just function as a way to get whole completed original papers. These services can also help editorialize a client’s pre-existing paper or proofread it to improve their understanding of writing composition while also improving their final grade.

In many cases, students who are still undergoing their generalized undergraduate courses may be asked to write tedious, time-consuming papers that will ultimately not affect the student’s end career or profession. Increasingly, students are opting to forego writing those papers themselves in order to dedicate themselves to their chosen field of study.

While essay writing services exist in a gray area when it comes to academic conduct, there’s no denying the real advantages that students can gain from outsourcing their academic papers to a professional ghostwriter.

How Do You Choose an Essay Writing Service?

With so many essay writing services available, it’s difficult for students to choose between them. There are high stakes involved with avoiding plagiarism and poor quality when it comes to submitting work under your own name, so it’s worth doing a little investigating before you commit to a single service.

These are some factors that may influence which essay writing service you ultimately go with:

  • Price: Many essay writing services operate at the standard rate of around ten dollars a page, but some services offer discounts and different amenities that can be included for additional fees, such as collected source materials or overnight delivery. A student’s budget will decide which service they can afford at the end of the day.
  • Reputation: Since most essay writing services operate by hiring a large roster of freelancers, it’s important to choose a writing service that vets their writers carefully for language fluency and originality.
  • Available writers: If you’re writing a paper about a niche subject, you might have to choose an essay writing service based on the writers they have available that are willing or able to tackle that topic. All of the essay writing services listed above feature dozens of subject matter experts that can take on a wide range of different subjects.
  • Writing samples: One way to determine whether or not a writing service has writers that are up to your standard of quality as the client is to ask for a writing sample. This can give you an idea of what your finished paper might look like.
  • Payment system: Since discretion is such an important part of hiring an essay writing service, it’s crucial to choose an essay writing service that puts a heavy focus on data security and a secured payment system that will safeguard your financial data.
  • Money-back guarantee: When you’re looking for an essay writing service, it’s smart to go with a service that offers a money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory work. This shows that the essay writing service is confident enough in its writers to take a financial loss if they don’t perform up to the standard set forth by the company.

Checking customer testimonials is a great way to see some of the issues with an essay writing service that they may not necessarily advertise themselves. This can help you avoid any pitfalls associated with a writing service before you’ve committed money to them.

Essay Writing Services Are Helpful

For some students, essay writing services can be a way to pass a difficult class that is skewed heavily towards writing composition, or just as a way to help free up some of their time in college to socialize or work.

Either way, choosing the right essay writing service can mean the difference between getting an A on your paper and going up before the college board on plagiarism charges, so check out the reputable services above to guarantee a good result.